Mackinac Island – Our Dream

A year or so ago, we decided to stop thinking about things we were going to do and start actually doing them. Among other things, this included some traveling. I will admit I’ve really never met a vacation spot I didn’t love. We always make a good time for ourselves even if the circumstances aren’t perfect, so I always come home a bit awestruck. “Wow! That was a wonderful trip, when can we go back?”

So, it didn’t surprise me when I felt that way on our first visit to Mackinac Island (July, 2011). What did surprise me, though, was the depth of those feelings. They were different. Instead of “when can we go back?” I caught myself wondering “when can we move there?” This is not typical for me. I love our current home, I love our town, every day I wake up happy and thankful for where we are in life, and I’m not a big fan of having my ducks out of their well-organized rows. So you will not often catch me thinking about moving, uprooting things, or changing the status quo. I enjoy contentment.

Needless to say, my Mackinac Island feelings caught me by surprise. When I realized my better half was having similar feelings it was almost a little bit spooky. And that’s how we knew it was real. Since then, we’ve been very focused on making our dream a reality. We’re being very practical about it, but we’re also very driven. Some day, we will live on Mackinac Island. We don’t know when, how, whether it will be full time/half time/part time/whatever, but we will live there some day.

And this section of my blog is devoted to capturing that journey. I hope you’ll follow along!

All photos courtesy of White Pine Photo. We wouldn’t have a blog if not for our fantastic photographer! Connect with White Pine Photo: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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2 Responses to Mackinac Island – Our Dream

  1. Les says:

    Me and my wife visited Mackinac for our 25th anniversary and fell in love with the peace and quiet. I would love to do a winter there.

  2. Ah, yes, we’d love that also!

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