Swallow Tales – Part 4

You might remember last time how I went on and on about the Barn Swallows laying three eggs and that they were probably done because they always seem to stop at three and how I like when they only lay three eggs and blah blah blah. 😉 Well, so much for that! Here’s what we saw on Sunday (May 13):

And here’s what we saw on Monday (May 14):

And today we knew they meant business when we saw them increasing the depth of the nest by adding new layers of mud.

The darker area around the rim of the nest is where the mud is still wet. They added several layers, increasing the depth of the nest by a good healthy inch if not more. And, they’re not incubating yet. Which leads me to believe there are probably six eggs in there today. But, we couldn’t tell for sure.

They’ve covered them all up with feathers. So, we don’t know if there are six or still five, but we’ll take another look tomorrow and see what we can find out.

Once she begins incubating things will get boring for awhile and I’ll post some pictures from previous years. When you see how squished the nest was with three babies in there you’ll understand why five or more gives me the jitters!!! But, they’re very smart birds so I trust them. I think!

We’ll be back in a few more days with another update. Thanks for following along!



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