The Mackinac Island Flag

If you’ve spent any time browsing the shops on Mackinac Island, I’m sure you’ve come upon Flagship at the corner of Astor Street and Market Street. Or, if you haven’t, be sure to look for it next time you visit. They carry a varied and beautiful selection of garden decor, and every time we shop there we find new treasures.

That includes this visit, when we found a Mackinac Island Flag. Flagship was not yet open for the season when we visited in May, and I don’t recall seeing the flag last year but it could have been there, I’m not sure. As soon as I saw it this time around, though, I had to have it!

When I was paying, I spotted a small informational postcard which tells the story of the flag. From that postcard:

In 2008, Flagship held a contest to create a flag for Mackinac and here’s the result! We hope this flag will fly for centuries throughout the city, from front porches, around the island and beyond.

What’s behind the flag? The flag of Mackinac Island should be timeless, reflecting the island’s rich history and adhere to the principles of good flag design: that a child can draw it from memory and that it is rich in abstract symbols. It was critical to represent the Island’s people and significance to the Native American community, the horse culture, military and political history, the tourism industry and the natural beauty of the island.

The main colors of the flag are blue and green, symbolizing lake and land, bisected by the wave of the straits. A dark blue field draws a comparison to the flag of Michigan. In the center, an abstract horse shoe symbolizes the horse culture and tourist industry. A green circle rests inside that shape, representing the tribal legend of the turtle rising out of the waves. The star indicates the Island’s military significance and the fort that sits atop the harbor. This symbol is represented three times, symbolizing the three flags that have flown over the island, as well as the stars of the beautiful night sky.

A portion of the proceeds from flag sales will be donated to the Mackinac Island Community Foundation to support projects for Green Mackinac.

Stop in or call to order! 906.847.9950

I have no affiliation with Flagship and they don’t know I’m writing this article. I just think it’s a great flag and wanted to share! Ours is flying proudly in our back yard even though we’re about 375 miles away. 🙂

Unless otherwise noted, all photos courtesy of White Pine Photo. I wouldn’t have a blog if not for my fantastic photographer! Connect with White Pine Photo: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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