Mackinac Island – May 2012 Visit – Day 1

In case you missed our previous Mackinac Island-related posts, here’s a recap. Our Dream tells why I’m writing this in the first place :-), A Primer is for folks who may not know much about this beautiful island, and Logistics Part1 and Part 2 cover the basics for getting to the island and staying on it!

This was our first springtime visit to Mackinac Island, having previously been there in the summer (July) and fall (late September/early October) back in 2011. We were so excited to be on the island to see it come to life for the season. It’s about a six hour drive for us, and even though we can certainly drive six hours straight with no problem we wanted to get an early start. We drove three of the hours the previous evening so we could find ourselves on the 10:30 a.m. Shepler’s ferry instead of sometime in the late afternoon. It gave us almost an entire extra day, or at least it felt that way! We took advantage, spending nearly an entire gorgeous day seeing the sights and taking pictures. Here are a few things we saw!

This is a common sight on Mackinac Island but I still love watching the freighters no matter how often they come through! It was the very first picture I took on this visit (though my better half had probably taken a hundred by this time!)

You may remember we are hoping to someday live on Mackinac Island. This house has been for sale for quite some time, and I remembered it from prior visits. For a mere $3,250,000 it could be ours!

That amounts to about $15,000/month for 30 years, assuming a $650,000 down payment. No sweat. HA! Of course, this would be our $3 million+ view! Maybe we’ll start saving!

The beautiful Mackinac Island Public Library. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never stepped inside. We always happen to be around during closed hours and/or when we’re heading somewhere else. I am bound and determined to go inside when we’re there in July!

My first of many, many, many, many horse pictures. The horses are my very favorite part of Mackinac Island! I love how they usually have human names. Say hello to Charlie and Jerry!


We happened to glance up to see this UPS truck leaving the island ….

… and a very short while later we spotted the actual deliveries being made! If I worked for UPS I’d want this route! 🙂

One of the things we loved about visiting at this time of year was seeing things like scaffolding, painting, tree planting, etc. that we don’t usually get a chance to see. I love the “behind the scenes” happenings that make the Island run like a well-oiled machine!

Bikes on the harbor all ready for renters!

We want to pick up our mail at this post office some day!

It was Titanic weekend at the Grand when we were on the island, and it was great to see people around town in period dress.

And, speaking of Grand Hotel, here is one of their beautiful horse-drawn carriages making the turn from Market Street onto Cadotte Avenue

Look closely! These cute pugs live on Market Street, on the hill heading toward the lake. They greeted us as we walked by, and we took a special liking to them since we were missing our own pug who stayed home while we visited the Island. Remember these cute faces ……

Pugs outside of Doud's grocery Store

… because later we were formally introduced outside of Doud’s Grocery Store! Meet Misty (left, female) and Roscoe (male). We chit chatted with their friendly owner for a minute or two and learned she adopted them last year and they’re enjoying getting used to island life! They are both love muffins!

Looking toward the East Bluff …

This is Red, having a snack!

The dray operators probably thought we were stalking them. It seemed we took pictures of the same horses over and over again all day long! Say hello to Sam and Charm!

We spent an enjoyable evening sitting on the front porch of the Market Street Inn, where we were staying. It’s on Market Street, across the street from the lovely historic American Fur Company Store. The Mackinac State Historic Parks buildings weren’t yet open for the season, but we’ve toured them before and can’t wait to go back through them next time we visit the island!

Dray sporting a beautiful new paint job! We heard more than a few people comment about how nice they look all gussied up for the season!

Porch pal

A beautiful sight!

We’ll be back in a few days with a look at day 2 of our springtime visit. We hope you’ll follow along!

All photos courtesy of White Pine Photo. We wouldn’t have a blog if not for our fantastic photographer! Connect with White Pine Photo: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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2 Responses to Mackinac Island – May 2012 Visit – Day 1

  1. Huffygirl says:

    Love your Mackinac Island pics. There’s nothing like Mackinac Island in the early morning. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. Hope you get to fulfill your Mackinac I. dreams.

  2. duffybrown says:

    Love Mackinac Island. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures.

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