Three for Thursday: Christmas Reads

I like to try to read something Christmas-y during December, and somehow I manage to find great stories each year! Here are three of my favorites.

The Christmas TrainWhen you think of David Baldacci you probably think of legal thrillers and crime dramas. And he’s among the best there is for that genre. But every once in awhile he steps out of form and writes something a little bit different, and just as wonderful. The Christmas Train is my favorite Christmas book ever. I’ve read it more than once and enjoy it each time. Tom Langdon isn’t allowed to fly due to an unfortunate security incident, so he boards a train for a cross country trip during the Christmas season. He meets a delightful and eccentric collection of passengers and delivers a heartwarming Christmas tale complete with a few Baldacci-type twists to keep things interesting!

The Christmas BusYou might think I’m on some sort of transportation kick when I mention the name of one of my other Christmas favorites: The Christmas Bus. The town is Christmas Valley, and this is their season! But nothing seems to be proceeding normally this year, and the interesting collection of characters will keep even the Scroog-est among us entertained throughout. Strangers are staying at Shepherd’s Inn, a young couple about to welcome their first child roll into town in a large bus, and Mad Myrtle is causing problems. Meet them all during a brief trip to Christmas Valley!

Lakeshore Christmas

I’ve previously reviewed Lakeshore Christmas as part of my Lakeshore Chronicles series post, but it bears repeating here as one of my favorite Christmas-season charmers. Maureen Davenport is Avalon’s prim and proper librarian. What happens when she’s forced to work with wild-boy and former child star Eddie Haven? Fireworks! But, somehow together they plan the town’s annual Christmas pageant. Again, even though it sounds like a romance, there’s so much more to it!

Have a wonderful December!

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2 Responses to Three for Thursday: Christmas Reads

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    I love trains. Maybe I’ll Add it to my list of should-reads.

  2. It’s everything you ever dreamed about train travel (even though none of those romanticized notions are, in fact, true!)

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