Three for Thursday: My Three Favorite Online Shopping Sites

‘Tis the season for online shopping! I’m sure I won’t be introducing you to anything you don’t already know, but I do have three distinct favorites from among all the options.

Amazon – This is the biggie. There’s not much that can’t be found on Amazon. I find the prices to be reasonable, the selection can’t be beat, and I’ve had several positive customer service experiences, most recently with a defective weather station I needed to return. Return shipping was free, and they sent the replacement before I shipped back the defective original. Can’t beat that! (Note: I participate in Amazon’s affiliate program however the link here is direct and does not reference my compensation account. I would shop with Amazon regardless of the affiliation, especially since I’m completely addicted to my Kindle!)

Etsy – Please tell me you’ve shopped here! Etsy is a community of individual artists, craftsmen, and people like you and me (well, if I had anything worth selling!) who offer an incredible variety of typically hand-crafted wares at reasonable prices that you can’t expect to find at your local superstore. By using Etsy you connect directly with the artists and can often request custom-created items!

Zappos – I love shoes. Not in the traditional girlie Manolo Blahnik type of way, but rather in a more rugged, hiking boot vain. But it makes no difference! Whatever your pleasure, Zappos has you covered. With free shipping both ways, you can easily order yourself a few dozen pairs just to model in the comfort of your own home, then send back those you hate. They’ve brought shoe shopping to a whole new level. Zappos is my go-to shoe store! (P.S. They sell other things too, clothing, handbags, etc.)

The links contained in this post are direct (not affiliate) links and I have not been compensated for these reviews in any way. For a full FTC-required disclosure statement, please view my About page.

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One Response to Three for Thursday: My Three Favorite Online Shopping Sites

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    Agree! All great.

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