Recipe: Egg Stack

I’m a big fan of protein for breakfast, so I’m always looking for interesting egg recipes to keep myself from getting bored. This is easy, filling, and delicious. I make it on the weekend then eat it all week long.

Egg Stack


4 to 6 flour tortillas, depending on size
1 tablespoon butter
6 eggs
Any spices you like – garlic powder, minced onion, parsley, chives, etc. etc. etc.
salt and pepper
about 1/2 pound of chopped ham or cooked bacon
thinly sliced tomatoes
shredded or sliced cheese of any variety

Egg Stack


Break eggs into a mixing bowl and whisk well. Add spices of your choice, salt, and pepper. Melt butter over medium high heat in a skillet. Add eggs when hot and scramble.

Meanwhile, spray a 9″ pie plate with cooking spray. Place one or two tortillas on the bottom of the dish. Add half the scrambled eggs, shredded cheese (as much as you like), half the ham or bacon, and half of the tomato slices. Cover with one or two more tortillas. Repeat. End with another layer of tortillas, with some salt, pepper, and shredded cheese sprinkled on top. Heat in a 350 or 375 degree oven for about 30 minutes until heated through.


  • I don’t use the tomatoes.
  • Be sure to season your eggs well. You don’t have to use the spices I suggested, but use something. Eggs are a great canvas for spice-experimentation!
  • I use 10″ tortillas so I believe I only need four to fill a standard pie dish. One for the first layer, two for the middle layer since the dish widens, and one for the top which didn’t completely cover it but that’s ok.
  • I use mostly egg beaters but will always include at least one whole egg. This gives you the benefit of the whites but still includes some yolk so you don’t realize you’re eating mostly whites!
  • 1/4 cup egg beaters = 1 egg.
  • You can really add anything you like. Maybe you have some leftover broccoli from dinner last night? Add it in! Everything is optional and anything can be added! Which is really true of cooking in general! 🙂
  • A printer-friendly version of this recipe can be found here.

Egg Stack

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