Book Review: Gail Fraser – Stealing Lumby

Stealing Lumby is the second book in Gail Fraser‘s Lumby series. In case you missed the review of The Lumby Lines (book #1) you can find it here. Everything that endeared me to the first book, from the newspaper’s local tidbits to the quirky characters, are also in perfect order for this second installment.

When a valuable painting by one of the town’s most famous former residents goes missing, and the national media comes to Lumby to investigate, things seem to be turning upside down for this quaint little town. Imagine the hullaballoo, then, when an actual barn disappears as well! And how is the town expected to handle these disappearances when the Summer Solstice Moo Doo Iditarod is coming up so soon? (Pssst: It’s a cow race!)

You’ll be reacquainted with The Lumby Lines‘ beloved characters including Hank, Pam and Mark, Clipper and Cutter, and Brooke and Joshua. And, Montis Abbey of course! I’m sure you’ll enjoy learning how this small town copes with a growing mystery!

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