Book Review: Lisa Scottoline – Look Again

Last time I read a Lisa Scottoline novel (Come Home, reviewed here) I ended up finishing it in a single day: seven hours straight (including a break for dinner.) I split Look Again over two days but only because my job got in the way and I didn’t want to be fired. 🙂

Ellen Gleeson is a successful single mother with nothing more to worry about than her catty co-worker who appears to be after her position during a period of layoffs in the (print) journalism industry. Other than that, life is great. She adopted son Will two years earlier after he was all but abandoned in the hospital by his young mother when he was gravely ill with a heart problem. Ellen had been working on a story which required her to spend quite a bit of time at the hospital and during that time she fell in love with Will. The inattentive mother was all too happy to ok the adoption.

One day Ellen is flipping through her mail at home when a have-you-seen-this-child flyer catches her eye. Why? Because the child looks exactly like Will. Ellen can’t put the flyer out of her mind, and some simple research gives her cause to believe the coincidences are a bit too, well, coincidental, and require further research.

Her father tells her to let it go, Will is hers, legally, and she’s the only mother he’s ever known. Her new lawyer advises her to give it some time and maybe even forget about it in the process. But Ellen finds herself increasingly paranoid. She’s avoiding her neighbors in case they saw the flyer too. She gets pulled over for a minor traffic violation and thinks the cop will somehow figure it all out and take Will from her. And she realizes she has to find the truth. She can’t live her life looking over her shoulder wondering if her child belongs to someone else and if so, when they’ll figure it out and take him from her.

I don’t want to give away any more of the story other than to say it is happy, sad, thrilling, fast moving, scary, touching, and satisfying. And not necessarily in that order. You’ll have to give it a read to find out what happens to Will! And while you’re reading, think about what you’d do given a similar situation. Thought provoking, isn’t it? I think you’ll love the book!

Note: Oreo Figaro, the family cat, figures prominently in a pivotal part of the story. But don’t worry, he is fine. Perhaps a bit miffed, but fine. 🙂

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One Response to Book Review: Lisa Scottoline – Look Again

  1. Thanks for this wonderful review of my book! I’m honored! Best, Lisa

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