Three for Thursday: Duneland Dining

Last week’s “Three for Thursday” was about eating on Mackinac Island. This week I’m dining in my own home town. I promise Three for Thursday will not always be about food! But in the mean time, let’s eat!

1. Wagner’s – Wagner’s wouldn’t have made my list a few years ago. The food has always been good, but they made three changes that put them over the top!

  • They went non-smoking before they had to. All Indiana restaurants have been smoke-free since July of 2012. But Wagner’s saw the need more than a year prior, and that meant everything to me. It became so nice to sit in a restaurant with a great atmosphere (literally and figuratively!) and not stink when I got home. Prior to this decision we avoided the restaurant for this reason alone.
  • They got rid of their nasty hostess. I’m not sure who she was or how she kept her position for so long, but she was as miserable as they come.
  • They built a lovely deck! This actually helped us enjoy the place even before smoking was banned. The deck is large, private, has trees and a stream, and it’s a great place to spend a summer evening.

Wagner’s is known for its delectable baby back ribs, which are indeed fantastic. But there’s plenty more to savor on the menu. Try the rib-eye steak sandwich, crispy chicken sandwich or bbq chicken dinner for a tasty change, and their cornbread cakes and macaroni and cheese can’t be beat as side dishes. They also offer delicious soups, salads, and desserts. (Wagner’s Restaurant and Bar, 361 Wagner Rd., Porter, IN 46304,  (219)926-7614)

2. Third Coast Spice Cafe – When this cafe first opened I mistakenly though it was a pastry-for-breakfast type place with plenty of flavored coffee specialties. Was I wrong! They have a full, hot breakfast menu using locally sourced ingredients including options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-intolerant folks. I’m a meat-eating flour-loving fool so none of that applies to me, but I do appreciate the extra care taken with their dishes and I particularly love the eggs, dubbed as being from “happy chickens.” It sure tastes that way! Third Coast is also open for lunch with sandwiches, burgers, and salads. Give it a try! (Third Coast Spice Cafe, 761 Indian Boundary Rd # 6, Chesterton, IN 46304, (219) 926-5858)

3. Villa Nova – Fairly new to Chesterton, Villa Nova brings a nice Italian menu to the table including delicious pizza. The pizza is thin-crust (can be ordered thicker) and yummy! The menu also offers pasta dishes, non-pasta entrees, paninis, salads and seasonal desserts (although I have to admit, I’ve never made it to dessert after filling up on the main dish!) They’re very accommodating which I also appreciate. For example, I typically order fettuccine alfredo which is offered with a choice of chicken or shrimp. I prefer steak, and they’re always happy to oblige! This is the restaurants third location, others include New Buffalo, MI and Stickney, IL. (Villa Nova Pizzeria and Bistro, 213 Broadway, Chesterton, IN 46304, (219)728-6648)

There are many other delicious choices in the Chesterton area, and I encourage you to try them all!

The links contained in this post are direct (not affiliate) links and I have not been compensated for these reviews in any way. In fact, these restaurants don’t even know I’ve included them. For a full FTC-required disclosure statement, please view my About page.

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