Book Review: Steve Hamilton – Winter of the Wolf Moon

Winter of the Wolf MoonWinter of the Wolf Moon, by Steve Hamilton, is the second book in the Alex McKnight mystery series (I previously reviewed the first in the series, A Cold Day in Paradise.) Even though it’s a series and some characters continue from book to book, it’s not essential to read them in order. Occasionally the author will refer to something which happened in the prior novel(s) but it wouldn’t take away from the current story if you didn’t recognize the reference.

We again meet up with Alex McKnight, a former Detroit police officer attempting to live a quiet, uneventful life in a town called Paradise, a town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He’s runs a set of lodging cabins built years ago by his father, renting them out to hunters and snowmobilers.

Trouble finds Alex again when he participates in a pick-up ice hockey league game when his buddy’s team needs a goalie. He meets an unsavory character on the opposing team named Lonnie Bruckman and soon finds himself helping Lonnie’s girlfriend distance herself from her volatile relationship. Things balloon from there and I enjoyed the various twists and turns leading to a satisfactory ending (with the expectation of more to come in subsequent books!)

The entire story takes place in the dead of winter. If you’ve ever experienced a good old fashioned UP of MI winter, you’ll know exactly how McKnight feels. If you haven’t, you’ll be “feeling” it before the end of this book, guaranteed! Enjoy!

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