Book Review: Karen Kingsbury – Beyond Tuesday Morning

Beyond Tuesday MorningAfter reading and enjoying Karen Kingsbury‘s One Tuesday Morning, I was anxious to read the sequel, Beyond Tuesday Morning.

(Note: As I mentioned in my One Tuesday Morning review, if you are turned off by religious references and God’s inspiration in print, this book is not for you. Please visit my initial review for further details.)

This fictional work picks up where One Tuesday Morning ends. We revisit characters Jake and Jamie Bryan, their daughter Sierra, Eric and Laura Michaels, their son Josh, and Eric’s brother Clay from the first novel, and they all feature prominently in this second installment as well. It will be somewhat difficult to give any details about this book without revealing the crux of the prequel, so I’ll just say I thoroughly enjoyed the healing and growth evident in this second installment of the Bryan family love story. The book is well-researched and thoughtfully written, and offers a depth of healing I wouldn’t have expected from a fictional book about real-world events. Hats off to Ms. Kingsbury. I can’t wait to read the third (and final) installment, Remember Tuesday Morning!

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