Book Review: Karen Kingsbury – One Tuesday Morning

One Tuesday Morning

Karen Kingsbury is a prolific Christian writer with many different “series” type novels. You may already know I love a good series! I was drawn to one of her older stories centering around the tragedies of September 11, as the 10th anniversary approached last fall. I decided to give One Tuesday Morning a try and I was not disappointed.

If you are turned off by religious references and God’s inspiration in print, this book is not for you. In fact I would guess Karen Kingsbury isn’t the author for you. Her characters regularly converse with God and I found the discussions inspiring. They flowed within the prose of the book and were not overly preachy. But if religion isn’t your “thing,” skip this one.

This fictional work tells the story of firefighter Jake Bryan and his response to the call no one wants to receive: a evolving disaster at the World Trade Center. Meanwhile, a California businessman who is losing his wife and son because he’s too focused on his job, begins his day in New York in a meeting with his boss. The lives of these men and their families will intertwine in unimaginable ways as the September 11 tragedy unfolds. Join Jamie Bryan, daughter Sierra, Laura Michaels, son Josh and brother-in-law Clay as they come to terms with this fateful Tuesday morning and all that is (and isn’t) left behind.

I enjoyed this moving love story and will review the second installment, Beyond Tuesday Morning, in the coming weeks.

One Tuesday Morning

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