Late Summer Update

At about this time of year I get excited for autumn. The second half of summer is always a challenge for me. I love the beginning, but I get weary of the heat, the mosquitoes, the weeds, and the lack of rain (this year especially) by mid-July. The bluebirds, swallows, and killdeer are done, the caterpillars haven’t made it past their many predators, and it seems there’s nothing left to write.

But, a quick look around reminds me there’s still plenty of late-summer beauty to be enjoyed.

Bee Pollinating

The bees are still pollinating.

Hibiscus Blooming

The hibiscus is blooming.

Wildflowers thriving

The wildflowers are thriving.

Pretty weeds

Even the weeds are pretty in their own way!

Bathing robin

Birds are bathing….

American Goldfinch

… and eating …

American Goldfinch

… and eating some more.

Well what do you know? Late summer’s not so bad after all. Enjoy your week!

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One Response to Late Summer Update

  1. Beautiful pictures, excellent text. And thanks for following my blog!

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