Book Review: Diane Chamberlain – Summer’s Child

Summer's ChildDiane Chamberlain scores a big hit for me with Summer’s Child.

When Daria Cato was just eleven years old, contemplating a boring summer on the beaches of North Carolina as all the other neighborhood kids hit puberty, she finds the best summer gift of all: a newborn baby washed up on the beach! As luck would have it, no one claims the baby and Daria’s family adopts her. Daria has a new baby sister!

Jump ahead twenty-some years. Shelly has grown from an abandoned baby to a beautiful and mysterious adult who still requires supervision since she has (as Daria will explain) “very bad judgement.” Daria has devoted her life to protecting Shelly and intends to continue to do so, even if she has to protect her from herself. You see, Shelly has asked the star and producer of TV’s True Life Stories to find out about her mother and why she was abandoned on the beach so many years ago.

It so happens that producer is Rory Taylor, one of the pubescent teenagers leaving Daria behind that summer Shelly was found. Daria had a crush on him then, and she has a crush on him now, despite him digging around in their past. This is a past Daria would rather keep hidden.

The mystery deepens through the book and just when you think you have it all figured out …… you don’t. 🙂 I love Diane Chamberlain’s books and intend to review more in the coming weeks.


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One Response to Book Review: Diane Chamberlain – Summer’s Child

  1. I’m deep into the Game of Thrones right now, but this sounds like one I’d read…maybe between volume three and four.

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