Bob Goff – Love Does

Love DoesThough some book descriptions don’t mention this, I will. Bob Goff’s Love Does is Christian. Very Christian, if there is such a thing as simply Christian. If religious references are off-putting to you, this probably isn’t your kind of book.

With that out of the way, I loved it. Loved it loved it loved it! Bob Goff’s collection of life stories is touching, inspiring, whimsical and humorous. And, he takes a very common-sense approach to his relationship with God. His “Bible Study” group decided to call itself “Bible Doing” instead, because what’s the use of studying the Bible if you’re not going to actually do something with it. He doesn’t measure his relationship with God by how often he goes to church or how much he donates. He has grown his faith by actually DOING things. Love doesn’t just exist, love takes action. Love does.

At the end of the book, Bob gives out his phone number. You know, in case you want to call him and tell him about something in the book that inspired you. And I believe if I called that number, he’d answer. Because Bob Goff doesn’t talk about doing things. Bob Goff Does.

I can’t imagine anyone finishing this book without being inspired to lead a better life, in whatever way makes sense to you.

(Mr. Goff is donating all proceeds from this book to Restore International’s Leadership Academy in Gulu, Uganda ( and the Mentoring Project (, both of which are committed to loving and helping kids. And, any affiliate proceeds I may receive for sales from this review will also be donated to these organizations.)


Disclosure: The Amazon link on this page is an”affiliate link.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive a small commission. For a full FTC-required disclosure statement please visit my About page.

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One Response to Bob Goff – Love Does

  1. I agree. This was a great book!

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