A Celebration of Olympic Proportions!

Today’s the day!! The Olympics begin! I love the Olympics. In fact if I could take the next two weeks off and do nothing but watch the action, I would.

I even cook for the celebration!

(That made me hungry. Might have to do this again!)

This year’s host city is London, England. The Opening Ceremonies are tonight (Friday, July 27) carried by NBC during prime time. After the beauty and precision of the last show in Beijing, I’m anxious to see how the London designers top it. Led by Artistic Director Danny Boyle, the show is entitled Isles of Wonder. The best part? Live barnyard animals! (12 horses, 3 cows, 2 goats, 10 chickens, 10 ducks, 9 geese, 7 sheep, and 3 sheepdogs) I can’t wait! Over 15,000 (human) performers will take part, and the ceremonies are expected to be viewed by an audience of four million. Will you be one of them?

The Closing Ceremonies will take place on Sunday, August 12. Again televised during NBC’s prime time schedule, it’s not nearly as exciting as the opening. I’m kidding. They’re typically also quite beautiful. Just sad, since everything’s over with!

Between the opening and closing, thirty-six (yes, 36!) different sports make up the Summer Olympics. Below is a list of sports, along with some pertinent dates surrounding their competitions. I am sure you’ll find something you like. The name of each sport links to its official 2012 London Olympics web page for scheduling and results. Enjoy!

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One Response to A Celebration of Olympic Proportions!

  1. Tons of fun, indeed!

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