Caterpillar Corner – Episode 8

I’m sad to report our largest caterpillar was found by a predator bird and is no longer with us. We have yet to experience one making it to the cocoon stage. But, we’ll have many other chances as the summer progresses. (I have to admit, though, I get a little bit choked up when they perish.)

We have one little guy left, and he’s doing just fine.

We’re hoping to start finding many new eggs in the coming days or weeks. Last year we recall having a dozen eggs and caterpillars in various stages of development at one time during the month of August. Maybe even more. We’re looking forward to hosting them again this year. And we’ll keep you posted on all activity. Thanks for following along!

Unless otherwise noted, all photos courtesy of White Pine Photo. I wouldn’t have a blog if not for my fantastic photographer! Connect with White Pine Photo: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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2 Responses to Caterpillar Corner – Episode 8

  1. How do you choose? Attract the Bluebirds or save the caterpillers? It’s a dog eat dog out there.

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