Caterpillar Corner – Episode 6

With all the recent bluebird activity in our yard, it feels like our caterpillars are being ignored but we’ve been keeping a close watch! In case you’ve missed any of our earlier episodes, you can catch up here. They’ll eventually turn into Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterflies!

Sadly two of the original three caterpillars have been lost to predators (typically birds.) This one has survived, keeping himself well-hidden. At this stage he’s exactly the same color as the leaves of the Tulip Tree so that helps increase his chances of staying safe!

These are day-by-day pictures covering the past few days:

He changes and grows every day! This shows an overhead view, mainly to show the silk “bed” he spins for himself:

And surprise, surprise, look what we found today! We don’t know when he got here, probably just about two or three days ago from the looks of him. The way we scrutinize the tree it’s hard to believe we missed his arrival. Welcome to our newest resident here at the Caterpillar Corner!

Here’s an updated collage showing the bigger guy’s progress throughout his various stages. (By the way, I’ve been using “he,” “him,” “guy,” etc. in a very general way. We do not know their gender.)

We’ll be back with another update in a few days. Thanks for following along!

Unless otherwise noted, all photos courtesy of White Pine Photo. I wouldn’t have a blog if not for my fantastic photographer! Connect with White Pine Photo: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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3 Responses to Caterpillar Corner – Episode 6

  1. What an amazing face they have. Great photos!

  2. amy b. says:

    Perhaps you’ve said somewhere, but what is the host plant for this caterpillar? Is it specific to the species? I have so much to learn…

  3. Amy, ours are on a young Tulip Poplar tree. I’m told they also like Cherry, Ash and Magnolia (though we’ve had a Magnolia for years and have never seen any on it.) I’m woefully uninformed about other species and/or what hosts they may prefer, maybe someone else can jump in and help us both? I only started researching these little guys when they first showed up last year. 🙂

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