Jane Green – The Beach House

The Beach HouseI found Jane Green’s The Beach House while browsing around The Island Bookstore on Mackinac Island earlier this spring. Island life is intriguing to me, and that’s what drew me to this novel. This is the first book I’ve read by this author.

I loved it! It has a structure I like where various snippets of different stories are presented simultaneously and you know they’re all going to connect somehow. You may even think you know how they’ll connect (but you really don’t!)

The story centers around Nan Powell, a sixty-five year old widow who lives on the island of Nantucket and suddenly finds herself in danger of losing her beautiful home. As we are meeting the various other characters, we realize they will all congregate and somehow tie together at Nan’s home.

There wasn’t a character in the book I didn’t like, even though they all had faults. They were real. (Ok, maybe I didn’t like developer Mark Stephenson, but we were supposed to dislike him!) The ending is happy which is almost a requirement for anything I read.

Here are some discussion questions. You can answer them here in the comments if you’d like, or just think about them to yourself. The questions are written so as not to give anything away. But, I can’t promise people’s responses won’t!

  • As a parent, how would you have handled Jess? I know how I would have handled her, but I’m not a parent!
  • As a man, how would you have handled Jordana? I know how I would have handled her, but I’m not a man!
  • As Nan, how would you have reacted to Evan?

I can’t wait to read another Jane Green novel. Thank you, Island Bookstore, for pointing me in her direction!


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