The Killdeer Chronicles – Part 14

Yesterday morning our little Killdeer family left the yard. It’s always bittersweet for us. We’re thrilled for them because they did such a good job and had a successful nesting, but sad that we won’t see the babies anymore. Unless, of course, they come back to nest here as adults!

If you missed anything the past few days here is a recap:

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Here’s a picture from Saturday’s attempt to leave the yard, although they gave up on this when everyone got tired and laid down!

We were happy to still see them in our yard yesterday morning. By 7:00, though, they were on the move! They trekked to the same spot as Saturday’s attempts, an area of our fence with plenty of room for them to sneak underneath. Just like Saturday, one parent stayed inside the yard herding the chicks while the other went outside the fence and called to them. Once all babies were where the parents wanted them to be, both parents positioned themselves outside the fence and called the babies.

One down, three to go!

Both parents and two of the babies calling the remaining two babies to join them!

All four were through the fence at this point, parents are just herding them along.


Following Dad! Mom was bringing up the rear. One brave baby was ahead of the pack!

Heading to the pond

They walked through the front yard and onto the sidewalk, then across the street and toward our subdivision’s retention pond where there are lots of tall grasses, bugs, and great hiding places.

The babies will begin to develop feathers in about another week or two, and they will be able to fly when they are between 3 and 4 weeks old.

Bye bye little babies, we will miss you!

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One Response to The Killdeer Chronicles – Part 14

  1. pugperro says:

    What a great story!

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