The Killdeer Chronicles – Part 13

If you’ve missed the last day or two, check out our hatching babies in Killdeer Chronicles – Part 11, and their first day adventures in Killdeer Chronicles – Part 12.

Today we have two short videos to share with you (each only about 20 seconds long). They both show the babies during their first day (Friday, May 18) sticking close to their parents.

The babies stayed again all day Saturday. This is such a treat for us, as usually they leave the yard shortly after all eggs have hatched. They are very safe here. They did “practice” leaving a few times. The parents would lead the babies to the fence then one parent would stay inside the yard and the other would fly to the other side of the fence and call the babies. There are plenty of spaces for them to go under the fence. They are so small they wouldn’t even have to duck down! But they didn’t want to go, and after about five minutes (or when the parent outside the fence sensed danger, like when our neighbor began applying mulch in his flowerbeds nearby) everyone would head back to the rear yard and take a rest. They did this two or three times. The rest of the day they flitted around the yard hunting for bugs!

We’ll be back tomorrow with another update on these cuties. Thanks for following along!

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