The Killdeer Chronicles – Part 12

In case you missed yesterday’s blog post, I’ll bring you up to speed! Our Killdeer eggs hatched yesterday morning. The parents and babies stayed around all day which was a real treat for us since usually they leave the area within a few hours of hatching. The babies mostly rested, but occasionally they’d run around learning how to use their legs!

And, they are still here this morning! My assumption (though we all know how wrong my assumptions usually are when it comes to nature) is that one of the babies is smaller and weaker than the others so they are sticking close to the nest to give the smallest baby time to build up strength.

We’ve got many pictures to share with you already, with the potential for more! Here are some showing the parents and babies. In each picture you can see one or two babies with the others remaining underneath the parent. In fact for most of the day all four babies were underneath the parents (taking turns) and if we didn’t know they were there we’d have had no idea!

Enjoy! We’ll be back tomorrow with another update.

The baby is half under the parent on the left hand side.

Baby sticking its head out in front

Two babies on the left!

Baby on the left getting brave

Two babies underneath!

Snuggling under

Mom and baby

Mom and brave baby

Mom “holding” baby

Telling a story?

Very brave baby!



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