Swallow Tales – Part 5

Last time we talked about how our Barn Swallows didn’t stop at three eggs (as I would have hoped!) but rather had five for sure and possibly more, as they continued to work on the nest. They continued to make it deeper. I’m happy about that, since I was worried so many babies would flop right out of their relatively shallow nest. I’m not worried about that anymore!

Here is the most recent picture of their nest.

Now let’s compare the depth difference side-by-side:

Left: May 10, Right: May 16

Much deeper! And when we were taking these pictures the parents were flying around with additional nest-building materials in their mouths, so we don’t think they’re quite done yet!

This will be our final attempt at egg pictures. They’re obviously keeping them very well hidden and there’s no way to tell how many there are. We know there are at least five, possibly seven here. We’ll have to wait til they hatch to know for sure!

It’s interesting to note the amount of wet mud visible in this picture, especially on the left half of the nest. When we see wet mud we know it’s been recently added.

Next we’ll watch for the parents to begin full time incubation, at which point we’ll be able to estimate a hatching date range. We’ll be back in a few days with an update!

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