The Bluebird Diaries – Day 52 (May 11, 2012)

Today’s chit chat at our house:

“Where’re you headed?”

“Oh I thought I’d get some pictures of the parents removing fecal sacs from the nest box.”

Something tells me this is not typical conversation in many households. In ours, no one raises an eyebrow at that sort of talk. Welcome to our world! 🙂

In one of our earlier posts we briefly talked about how the parents remove the fecal material (sometimes called “fecal sacs”) from the nest box in order to keep things clean and tidy in there. As they did with the egg shells after hatching, they take the fecal sacs some distance away before dropping them in order to divert predators. When the babies are first born these fecal sacs are quite small and difficult to notice as the parents remove them.  However now that the babies are almost full grown, it’s clear when the parents are tending to this duty.

Here you can see the female bluebird emerging from the nest box with a fecal sac.

Same fecal sac, this picture just shows her flying away. She’s usually still carrying it as far as we can see her, which is at least two or three backyards away, before dropping it.

This is a much clearer shot of the process.

If fecal sacs aren’t your bag (no pun intended) how about some snack pictures? The following shots show just a few of the meals the parents brought their babies today. Fine dining!!

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