The Bluebird Diaries – Day 49 (May 8, 2012)

What a difference! We hadn’t taken pictures of the babies in a few days and look at our little guys and gals now!

You can see their little feathers beginning to emerge. Their bodies are fully covered now, which helps them regulate their own warmth. I don’t believe I’ve mentioned earlier, when the babies are “naked” they continue to rely on their mother and her brood patch to keep them warm. Therefore, if something untoward would have happened to the mother before day 6-8, they babies would not likely survive. You may remember from a previous entry, the father bluebird is incapable of forming a brood patch.

Now that the babies’ feathers are emerging, though, the father could indeed finish the job on his own if necessary. Thankfully, that isn’t necessary since both parents are happy and healthy and caring for their brood all day, every day!

The babies’ eyes are beginning to open, but they were sound asleep during both picture-taking opportunities today. It’s possible we won’t see their eyes open since soon they will understand their own self-protection instinct and will intentionally hunker down when we look inside.

We’ll be back tomorrow with a new update!

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