The Killdeer Chronicles – Part 6

We talked a little bit last time about how Killdeer babies are born fully covered with fur, able to see, walk, and feed themselves almost immediately. In this way they are more like baby ducks or chickens than backyard birds like robins, cardinals and finches. Even raptors like eagles, hawks and vultures can’t fend for themselves at birth.

But Killdeer babies are quite self-sufficient! They leave the nest as soon as they are fully dry, unless they are waiting for more eggs to hatch in which case they’ll usually still leave but stay close and return.

This picture is from one of our many previous Killdeer nests. You can see three furry babies (still a bit damp), and the fourth egg waiting to hatch. That egg did in fact hatch shortly afterwards and off they went!

Check back in a few days for another update!

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