The Bluebird Diaries – Day 40 (April 29, 2012)

They’re heeeeeeeeeere!!!!

I’ll post this disclaimer in advance … our baby bluebird pictures will never be considered works of art. Although the parents are quite tolerant of our intrusions, we like to keep them brief so we don’t upset anyone. We had an idea there were real live babies in there because the first time we tried to look in the box today (while both parents were sitting on the fence) the mother immediately flew back into the box and the father flew onto the top of it. That was a loud and clear “Stay away!” so we did, and went back later. Here’s what we saw!

A few thoughts:

  • They look huge in this picture but they are very, very small. A bluebird egg is no broader than a dime at its widest. Take a look at your pinky finger. They are way smaller than that, especially if you have big fingers!
  • That’s not a crack in the fifth egg, that’s a rogue hair on the leftmost chick.
  • These birds are extremely young. We think hours old, if that. This is the youngest we’ve ever seen them. Typically by the time we know they are there and have a chance to take a look they’re already strong enough to hold their heads up for food. These are still curled up exhausted after breaking through their shells!
  • The parents take the shells from the nest and dispose of them, or they eat them. If they remove them, they take them a good distance from the nestbox to discourage predators.
  • We’re SO happy we covered that hole!
  • It’s supposed to be much warmer this week which will help in several ways. First, the naked babies will like 60s better than 40s! Second, when it’s warmer this means food is more abundant for the parents.
  • Bluebirds feed their babies every 15-30 minutes during the daytime hours.

We’ll be able to get more pictures in the coming days. The babies will be stronger and it will be warmer which makes it better for monitoring!

Don’t miss tomorrow’s update!

Unless otherwise noted, all photos courtesy of White Pine Photo. I wouldn’t have a blog if not for my fantastic photographer! Connect with White Pine Photo: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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