The Killdeer Chronicles – Part 4

Day 4 – Egg 4!

We think this will be it. Of course we’re not sure, it’s just a feeling. They’re roosting almost full-time now, and it doesn’t look like a 5th egg will fit comfortably in the nest. Then again it didn’t seem like a 4th egg would fit comfortably either yet it does!

We thought we’d show a wide-angle shot today so you can get an idea of where they nest in our yard.

I believe I mentioned half our yard is grass (shown at the bottom of the picture) and the other half is mulch flower beds with stone paths. The killdeer nest in the stone. If you look closely near the red arrow you can just make out the mom laying on her eggs. Or the dad. They both incubate and although we can visually tell them apart (one is bigger and whiter than the other) we don’t know which is which! And yes, in case you were wondering, we added the black fencing five or six years ago to protect our visiting nesters from this guy.


He’s as tall as the fence and can easily clear it if he really wanted to, but he respects it and causes no harm.

We’ll be back in a day or two with another update! This will not be a daily blog, particularly during the boring incubation period. But we’ll drop by now and then with a progress report!

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One Response to The Killdeer Chronicles – Part 4

  1. swanzilla says:

    Professional courtesy regarding the small fence…love it.

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