The Killdeer Chronicles – Part 3

And then there were three!

Early this morning we had an opportunity to check on the Killdeer nest and we were happy to find three eggs.

I’m very interested in this pair’s incubation habits. Most birds lay one egg per day and only start incubating after all the eggs have been laid. Because the chicks inside don’t start developing until they receive the warmth of continuous incubation, all eggs hatch at roughly the same time even though they were originally laid on different days. This particular pair seem to be laying and incubating at the same time. I can’t say it’s necessarily continuous, but they’re definitely sitting on them a lot more than I’d expect at this time in the nesting cycle. It will be interesting to follow this along to see if it affects the hatching.

Although Killdeer can lay anywhere from 3-6 eggs in a clutch, in our yard 4 seems to be the norm. So, we’ll see what happens tomorrow! And we’ll be sure to let you know!

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