The Killdeer Chronicles – Part 2

Welcome back! Last time we introduced you to the Killdeer making their nest in our back yard. They’ve nested here during five of the last six years. Often we get two different nestings in a single summer. This is the first of this year.

Their first egg has now been joined by mate! Again we’ll show a close picture and one further back.

Killdeer have an interesting “broken wing” display to lure predators (including us!) away from the nest. They squawk and move away from their nest with what appears to be a grave injury. By doing this they assume the predator will follow them as easy pickins rather than disturbing their eggs. Once they lure us far enough away from the nest, they fly off uninjured, hoping we didn’t notice the eggs! Here’s a picture of the “injury.”

Don’t worry, she’s fine!

We hope to be reporting egg #3 within the next day or two! Thanks for following along!

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