The Bluebird Diaries – Day 20 (April 9, 2012)

Just a brief update today as I’m tight on time and there’s not much action anyway. Both bluebirds arrived on time today at 7:00. The female briefly went into the nestbox prompting much holding of breath and crossing of fingers. Alas, no egg. (Even though I act disappointed I’m really not. I am happy they are taking their time so we don’t end up with frozen eggs!)

Most eggs are laid prior to 10am so we have low expectations when we see the birds later in the day. We’re still happy to see them of course! But we never expect much in the way of egg-laying after the morning passes. So picture this. It’s lunchtime. Both bluebirds arrive. Much singing and dancing and flapping of wings. The female enters the house and doesn’t come out. For a full hour, the humans of the house took turns watching for her, convinced she was doing something important in there. If you’ve ever tried to continually monitor a nest hole (or anything for that matter) without looking away for even a second … it’s exhausting! We took turns and it was still exhausting! Then didn’t we feel like idiots when she flew in from a neighboring yard while we watched for her to exit the nest box. She wasn’t even in there! She must have left sometime when we blinked. I think I could hear her giggling as she flew on by!

New update tomorrow. P.S. Remember the juncos we talked about yesterday? Gone! None to be found. They’re off to Canada for the summer. What timing they have!


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