The Bluebird Diaries – Day 17 (April 6, 2012)

The nest is ready, they’re done building, now it’s just a waiting game for the first egg. We’ve been through this quite a few times but every pair is a little bit different and Sheldon and Amy are not in any big hurry! We had a freeze warning here last night, and this morning was the coldest I can remember in a good long while. So maybe they’re just waiting for the right time. They are almost a full month ahead of the earliest breeding we’ve witnessed, so maybe they’re biding their time so their little ones don’t struggle. Or maybe even though we like to think we know what to expect, we’re really kind of stupid compared to wildlife! (That’s very likely!!)

Our bluebirds were in the neighborhood most of the day, but not really at the nest very much. The male had his earliest arrival yet (funny since it was such a cold morning!) at 6:33.

For the first time in awhile we took no new pictures. Instead I’ll continue introducing you to our non-nesting visitors. (Check out yesterday’s post to meet our House Finches!) Today we’ll meet a bird everyone knows, the Robin.

03/30/12 - Robin on the Run

This guy’s little feet crack me up! Everyone knows the robin but not everyone knows how to tell a male from a female. The female’s head is gray and the male’s is black, and the female’s orange is paler than the male’s. (I think the females are usually a bit fatter too but don’t tell them I said that!) Baby robins are similar but they have speckled breasts, not orange until they mature. And they’re notably fatter than their parents.

Robins sometimes build multiple nests before choosing which to use. We were the recipient of an un-chosen nest last year, in one of our crabapple trees. We don’t see any signs of anyone nesting here yet this year, though we have a female using up all the nesting material the bluebirds drop so they must be close by.

We’ll give another bluebird update tomorrow.

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