The Bluebird Diaries – Day 10 (March 30, 2012)

Male Bluebird, March 30

Just when we think we have them all figured out, they change the game! We should know better than to try to predict nature! Chilly and dreary this morning with no bluebirds in sight. The male dropped by briefly around 7:30 but didn’t stay very long. He came back at 10:00 but again didn’t stay. Throughout the day we continued to see him for a minute or two at a time. We never did see the female, nor did the male tend to any nest-building.

A cowbird landed on the nest box mid-day today and showed a lot of interest, but was not able to squeeze through the entrance hole. This was another reason we knew the bluebirds were away today. They will normally swoop in when an intruder happens by, even if we think they’re not around. We were happy when the cowbird moved on.

Male bluebird, March 30

We’re expecting a warmer weekend, 60s and 70s compared to today’s low 50s, so maybe we’ll see some further activity. Once we’re sure they are committed to this box, we’ll name them.

P.S. Our mallard was back this morning and laid another egg. She re-discarded one which we’re assuming is yesterday’s rogue egg. It’s likely not fertilized.

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